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Default I need help transcribing a song.

I've been trying to learn Con te Partiro on the piano from a youtube video of a guy playing it and this is really the first time I've tried to transcribe a piece of music. I already bought sheet music for it from but the version and like the only solo version on there is boring and empty. The video on youtube i'm learning from is not boring, it has cool scales that fills it up. One part of the song that i'm stuck on starts around 13-14 seconds in when it goes into the octave g, f#, d and then again on the right hand. The left hand seems to be doing some notes that are strangely timed compared to the right hand and I can't figure them out. I think the right hand does some triplets at that point according to the sheet music I bought however the left hand eludes me. I've slowed it down but it just seems like my left hand does 7 notes in the time it takes the right hand to do 6. I would just like some help figuring out the timing of this section so if you can help thanks a lot

Time: 16-20

Again, thanks for your help
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