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Default Please name this Remix!

Hi guys, first time on here.

I'm looking for a remix from the original track called - ''Bassheads - Is there anybody out there''.

The lyrics from the original are the same...

"What's this for a ceremony, hanging around?
We got to get down, rock it off on this shaky ground
Come on and spit it out your hearty-party moon everywhere
Let's see you people laugh at people punchin' out in the air etc........

However, the 'upbeat' version i'm looking for, it has a sample loop on repeat, virtually identical to the loop out of Reel 2 Real - Raise your hands. The loop in the real to real track is played from the start through to the end. Link below.

Its the same sound on a loop but, in reverse in the song i'm looking for.

So if you could connect the lyrics from the Bassheads song & the Sample loop (in reverse) from the Reel 2 real song and give me a name of the tune, it would be great.

Hope this makes sense because this has been bugging me for ages, so appreciate your help! Thanks!
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