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Default A Band for a mood

idk about you guys but i listen to bands according on my mood..

don't get me wrong, that's not the only criteria they also have to be good lol

like for instance,

sometimes i just want to listen to Mellow stuff to relax abit.. in those times my go to bands are :

GBV (Guided by voices)
The Smiths
Frank Black & the catholics
Fionna apple
Elliot smith

When im in my "Hardcore" mood, i don't really listen to metal per se, just bands that pump me up

The Misfits
Bad religion

Now, for my Wacky moods, which is like my default mood.. i like bands that are strange but sound good.. bands that have and undertone of being non-sensical but fun

The Pixies
They might be giants
Of Montreal
Deer hoof
Melt banana
Sonic youth

How bout you ppl?
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