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Smile Songs and artists/group you should have heard about. (rock/pop)

Rock/Pop Different Content

Songs you should have heard:

going to California: Led Zeppelin

Your Song: Elton John

Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin

Tears in heaven: Eric Clapton

Here comes the sun: The Beatles

Let it Be: The Beatles

hallelujah: Jeff Buckley

I want to break free: Queen

Bohemian rapsody: Queen

Imagine: John lennon

another brick in the wall: Pink Floyd

November rain: Guns N Roses


Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd

The Beatles


Jeff Buckley

Bob Dylan

Elton John

Eric Clapton

There is a lot of great Music out there, but i havent but very mutch HARD rock in it yet have i? let have some harder songs. (but not metal!)

Have you heard this Zeppelin Songs?

Led Zeppelin: immigrant song

Led Zeppelin: Black Dog

Led Zeppelin: Whole lotta love

But is Music just singing? Here are some instrumental artists:

Jimmi Hendrix

Jimmi Page

John Bonham

Bob Dylan

Geddy lee

there is many more out there, but what about texts?

Texting is very important when making a song, Bob Dylan is a great example of making good texts.

Guitar is very Important when making a song, here is some of the basic chords you should know:


Easiest Barre chord: (in my option)

The "Hm-Chord", It is very easy. when you should learn barre chords, practice on nylon-strings. you may think "ohh, i give up! this is inpossible"
but it isn't practice, do it in Your tempo, you have good time.



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