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Originally Posted by truls876 View Post

There is a lot of great Music out there, but i havent but very mutch HARD rock in it yet have i? let have some harder songs. (but not metal!)
Can you learn to spell please?


But is Music just singing? Here are some instrumental artists:

Jimmi Hendrix
Wrong (also spelled wrong)

Jimmi Page
Wrong again, again spelled wrong
John Bonham
Bonham was a drummer. This does not make him an "instrumental artist".
Bob Dylan
Completely wrong
Geddy lee
As is this
there is many more out there, but what about texts?

Texting is very important when making a song, Bob Dylan is a great example of making good texts.
What the **** are you talking about? You think Dylan texts on his phone while writing songs???
[B][U]Guitar is very Important when making a song,
Not if you're Rick Wakeman or Tony Banks, or anyone else who doesn't use guitar...


The "Hm-Chord", It is very easy. when you should learn barre chords, practice on nylon-strings. you may think "ohh, i give up! this is inpossible"
but it isn't practice, do it in Your tempo, you have good time.
While you're at it, learn English would you? (again)
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