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Originally Posted by Baka94 View Post
Okay. I have finished the new version:
The tune itself it's fairly good, but the production and choice of 8 Bit syth effects drag it down a bit. For me anyway. I'd have chosen a more traditional metal approach for the main riff, and some clean high gain for the solo, and background fills.

Not sure if you got what I meant about panning too. I meant to widen the track, not actually pan it left to right randomly. What I do is split the track into R/L, and delete a bit off one side. The more you delete the wider the stereo effect, but too much will kill it. Then optionally/AND OR change the pitch on one side by 0.04% (sometimes 0.03% it's just what works for me) depending on if it needs it or not.

Hope that makes sense and good luck.
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