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Originally Posted by Plankton
The tune itself it's fairly good, but the production and choice of 8 Bit syth effects drag it down a bit. For me anyway. I'd have chosen a more traditional metal approach for the main riff, and some clean high gain for the solo, and background fills.

Not sure if you got what I meant about panning too. I meant to widen the track, not actually pan it left to right randomly. What I do is split the track into R/L, and delete a bit off one side. The more you delete the wider the stereo effect, but too much will kill it. Then optionally/AND OR change the pitch on one side by 0.04% (sometimes 0.03% it's just what works for me) depending on if it needs it or not.

Hope that makes sense and good luck.
I'm really not sure what made you think that the guitar is a 8 bit synth. I used just synthensized guitar sound and added some pedal effects to it (distortion etc.). Of course I can try to find better set of pedal effects for this song.

Originally Posted by Jack in green View Post
what type of music you make?
I am aiming to make music from a very wide range, basically almost any type.
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