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I`m not so sure it`s that cut-and-dried, tbh.

In war-torn Europe, Einstein hoped that scientists would constitute an apolitical brotherhood irrespective of their national or political affiliations. Although there were some notable successes,(e.g. his famous collaboration with Eddington,) a lot of scientists got embroiled in political squabbles. One problem was that Nazi scientists would either steal, or fail to recognise the contributions of scientists they considered racially suspect.

Of course, science is not music. Science is a logical system in which every genuine contribution has to be given its due for the system to function and evolve. Music, on the other hand, however much we love it, is just an optional passing pleasure.

I`m not absolutely sure, but I think, with so much other music available, I wouldn`t give any encouragement to Bo Summer. If he is, as you say, "a raging nazi", he is presumably drawing a line himself, saying,"These musicians are acceptable to me, these are not." If he is adopting an intolerant attitude like that, based on considerations other than musical merit, I would much rather look elsewhere for my musical pleasure, to show solidarity with musicians who have an underlying humanitarian respect for other people.

I`ve put in a couple of "if"s because all I know about this guy and his music is what you`ve just posted, but my gut tells me that if he does negate the musical merit of other people for political reasons, then why should I respect his musical merit, giving him a benefit that he denies to others ?
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