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I would have to agree with Lisnaholic. I had a situation recently where I was looking at music by an artiste who called himself Babylon Mystery Orchestra, I think, basically one guy. But when I looked into his details he was a bigot, a racist, a creationist and homophobic. Now of course I wasn't a fan of his --- I listened to his music and it was okay, nothing special --- but had to decide did I do a feature on him and thereby give his ideas/opinions/existence the oxygen of publicity, however minor, or did I just ignore him? In the end I went with the latter, because no matter how good (or bad) his music was, I felt I couldn't in conscience recommend or praise it, knowing what underpinned it.

As far as this band goes, I'd add to what Lis has said that every time you buy one of their albums you could (could) be contributing to some hate fund or campaign: you don't know where the money made is going, and if he's a raging Nazi, then it could be going places you'd prefer it didn't and being used for purposes that you would never yourself condone.

Of course you have to separate music from beliefs, to some extent, but even so there's a line to be drawn, and I personally would never feel comfortable listening to music I knew was made by someone who had those views.

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