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Originally Posted by Yellow Card
Well its just not 'these people' who are saying that Moore, is a complete ****, quite a lot people are now realising how much of a fraud moore is, even 'The Australian' (newspaper) commented on the lies in the new farenhiet movie, and so did 'TIME' magazine

And by the way, did u even visit the site?
You have to look at both the movie and the site condemning Michael Moore critically.

Yes the movie was very bias and one sided.

However if you look further, you will find that the author of the site Richard Bushnell is an active Republican and thus Pro-Bush, just look at his anti-Kerry, anti-Clinton Cartoons ( If these are his views, of course he will be irate with the way the Moore portrays his leader and country.

So, taking all this into account, alongside several semesters worth of international politics’ knowledge. I still strongly believe that Bush is not a good president for America and is absolutely appalling as a world leader.

And that’s my two cents
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