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Originally Posted by EzhmaTester View Post
Nope. I was asking how I could have talked about an artist who wasn't already mentioned on here.

I didn't come to the forum to "only talk about one artist." And what is "we all know?...what are you talking about? I just searched online for a music discussion forum to talk about new music! I don't get why this is some huge crime. I'm seriously so confused lol.

I'll NEVER post a link again...I promise. Geez.
The part you're not getting is that posting links is, in itself, not the problem.
ONLY posting links and not actually creating a discussion will likely be taken as spammer activity. We get that sort of behavior from spammers many times daily. So that's what raises red flags.
If we were expected to inquire about the motives of every instance of this that we came across, we'd be inundated with spam.

So the simplest thing is to read the rules, then make your first few posts in such a way that you will not be mistaken as a spammer. When we've seen enough of you, we obviously won't think you're here to post a link and never return.
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