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Originally Posted by EzhmaTester View Post
Woah ok first of all I did not just post a link. I said that there was a new song by a pop artist that I recently discovered and that I has been listening, and asked if others had heard it and if so what they thought. I didn't say much about the artist but come on, I wasn't spamming obviously. And nobody even saw it because it was deleted like 1 minute who wasn't taking me seriously? Nobody even knew about it! Stop going after me like I'm some wounded animal, jeez.

At least Duga told me what would have been better: An intro thread. I didn't know what was allowed because in some places that is considered "spam" as well.

Again... SO SORRY. Lol.
Do you even realize how ignorant you sound? You just described what 99% of all spam threads on this board look like. If you are claiming to be a legit member then browse around and see what actual threads are supposed to look like and adhere to that structure. It wasn't obvious that you weren't spamming. It was obvious that your post resembled every other spam post on this board. It's like walking into a liquor store with a ski mask and getting upset that you got shot because your face was cold. You really don't get that?
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