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Sorry about the delay, life has a way of taking weird turns for me. I know it's well past Halloween, but I'm going to finish what I started here.

Day Five- Psyclon Nine- We The Fallen

Psyclon Nine started off as a run off the mill EBM/'Aggrotech' (What a stupid name for a subgenre) band. Nothing terribly innovative or groundbreaking, but still really good in its own right, utilizing shorter song lengths than a lot of their contemporaries to good effect, giving themselves a bit more of a sense of immediacy. As they released more albums, a metal influence was becoming more and more apparent, though they seemed to keep their 'metal' songs and their ebm ones seperate. Their most recent album, We The Fallen, is a twisted hybrid of the two genres, ranging from the cacophanic to the unsettling and brooding, the appropriate soundtrack to an S&M dungeon.

Day Six- Wednesday 13

Taking influences from equal parts glam rock, Alice Cooper, and The Misfits (which may or may not make an appearance later in this list), Wednesday 13's music (including every project he's been in) is cheesy, rude, and fun. From tales of necrophilia, Vincent Price, to open love letters of profane words, this guy has all the fun you need to liven up a party, or at least make the time pass by quicker while you're giving candy to kids hungover from the night before.

Day Seven-Sui Generis Umbra

This stuff isn't for the faint of heart. Very few things I have heard in my (limited) exploration of music labelled as 'experimental' have resonated with me and affected me emotionally as much as this group has. eLL's vocals consist usually of shrieking, growling, and chants behind a wall of reverb and noisy electronic music, courtesy of producer Maciek. In an interview she has said that she believes that she channels demons and evil spirits while she performs. I'm inclined to agree. If you want something that will scare the pants off you, look no further.

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