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Originally Posted by jackhammer View Post
Neither do Porcupine Tree but that doesn't diminish their live capabilities. Watching live music and making the effort of going out there to watch bands playing live is almost the last bastion of being a fan in an age of digital remoteness and I have seen enough bands in my time to differentiate between a band going through the motions to actually enjoying themselves on stage.

If a band can sound as good live or even better than their studio output then I appreciate them even more and know that all the studio trickery in the world won't hide a bands stage show and Foals were superb live.

I couldn't give 2 craps if they didn't dance around like loons (but FYI lead singer/guitarist Yannis stagedived from his P.A around 15 foot high when I saw them on their warm up tour and again still playing his guitar into a 1,000+ crowd this week when I watched them again). I just want to see a band that care as much about playing live than sitting around in a studio.

I am immensely proud of the fact that by the middle of next week I will have attended 5 live gigs in the space of 3 weeks and regardless of the fact that some of them are not known at all, I am still out there supporting bands and enjoying myself.

My advice? bollocks to hearsay and get out there and go see some live music.
Amen brotha
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I love how you edited your post to officially out me out of the closet?" It's like you asked yourself if you were a big enough cunt in the post, concluded that you weren't, and added it in to satisfy your postly cunt quota
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I converted to Islam today.

Allah Supreme.
A Love Supreme.
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saw LeBron James downtown but then I realized I'm just racist
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