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Default DRUMMERS...part 2

--------DRUMMERS II (the sequel)---------
OK, so whilst I'm addressing the drumming community, I may as well add my other drumming concern.... "Dribble Foot". Dribble foot is my term for unintended kick drum rumble. This usually occurs from the following: When a drummer plays the kick drum and lets the beater rest against the head, thus the beater rides the rest of the drum resonance and bounces against the head, or when a drummer leaves the beater on the head and keeps time or subdivisions of time lightly with their foot. The resulting low end rumble causes a lack of clarity in the bass region. This lack of clarity will most likely end up in a reduction of low end in a live mix as the live sound engineer franticly tries to "clean up the mud". Alternatively In the recording studio, the bill gets higher as the savvy audio engineer tries to clean the mud by editing out the offending dribbles. And this is a LOT of editing! So as a concerned "music citizen" I offer this advise: When playing a kick drum....."Hit it and Quit it"...... No, not the groupies, the kick drum. he he
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