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i don't know where you're getting your info on rim shots, but in my books i call bullsh*t.

first, rim shots don't damage you're drum... unless you're playing a drum made out of really soft wood... and it's been sitting at the bottom of a pond for a week. what happens to drums on which rim shots are played is a detuning of the drum (which is not damage), as every time the rim is struck it goes down and the tension rods have room to unscrew themselves, which would be happening in only one area of the rim. to calculate the amount of unscrewing going on, you'd probably have to use a scale of one-thousandths of an inch per strike.

second, good drum kits comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. it's up to the drummer to learn the subtleties of their set-up, mesh it with their band, and proceed to rock it good.

third, rim shots serve the purpose of whatever the hell the drummer sees fit. to say that they serve the purpose of cutting through loud guitars is utter bs. listen to some jazz. you'll hear rim shots being played during the moments where you can barely hear any other instruments at all. listen to latin and you'll hear rim shots being played in clave patterns which are actually being played quite lightly.

fourth, if you're a sound engineer, and you're not willing to get creative about capturing the sound of what's happening in the studio, on behalf of all recording musicians, i say you should f*ck off and get a new job you lazy prick. there's more than one way to skin a cat.

and fifth, don't apologize to the internet's biggest music forum for informing us all of something which has just slipped by thousands of drummers and sound engineers since the invention of the microphone. apologize instead for being a hack.

did you really think drummers worldwide are just going to stop playing rim shots because some sound guy said they're a pain in the ass to work with? "sorry if i'm being harsh, but i thought you may want to know" that they'll just pay someone else.
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