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Q:how do you make a dead babie float
A: some root beer and three scoops of dead babies

one day at a hospital a woman gave birth to a babie and as soon as it came out the doctor grabbed it and pretended to trip and dropped it out the window . so the woman screamed "WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!!" and the doctor replied "just kidding it was already dead"

What do you say to a black man in a three piece suit?
Will the defendant please rise

whats warm, bloody, and crawls up your leg?
a homesick abortion

what do vegetarian worms eat?
Linda McCartney
Those jokes are all awesome. You should check out EmoChick's jokes. They worry me a bit - it reminds me of the jokes which people in mental hospitals are meant to tell. One's like...

Why did the prostitute not complain when I left without paying her.
Because she was dead.

There's offensive and then there's just worrying.
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