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Sweet sauce!!! I'm really glad that i stumbled across this thread, Back when i had all the free time in the world, when i wasnt at work. I was addicted to going to Venues, going to local shows and what not. Im utterly in love with these bands and i always suggest them to everyone i meet (that is if we start discussing music). These are listed from my number one to not so much my number one.

Calabrese -
A Phoenix Arizona local band that has made it pretty big. They are a horror rock based group of three brothers. They play in local venues and travel across the states. They have a few cds out and their sound has changed, but in my opinion its for the good.

Three Bad Jacks -
Three Bad Jacks i believe came from California (but i maybe wrong). They are a Rockabilly band with a pretty unique sound to themselves.

Tiger Army-
A pretty big rockabilly group, im sure theres some of you here that have heard of them their not as small as they use to be.

The Creepshow -
Another fav horror rock group. I dont know much about them. sorry :p just love em.

Im sure there is a lot more where this came from but i dont want to feel like im over loading people with music... (not that this isnt a music forum or
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