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Here's the translation - Now why did my dumbass translate this mess?

The truth is simple and obvious.
And so obvious that we, every day contemplating it,
habitually fail to notice the obvious.
Do not believe me? And I do not need to believe. Just walk up to the mirror.
What do you see?
- Stupid question - you might say - of course, I see myself.
The question is not stupid. I did not ask, "Who do you see?".
I asked, "What do you see?"
- And what do I see but myself?
Yes, you see yourself, but do not you notice SYMMETRY?
Two identical eyes, two cheeks of the same, two of the same ear ...
A symmetric under your forehead are two symmetric
hemispheres of your brain and you are on a symmetric planet
in which the two opposite poles in their significance.
Even when your legs under you see supposedly not symmetrical
stone, do not forget about how it is symmetric crystal
grille. Symmetry is everywhere. Only the blind do not see it, but he
shall detect it, touching its symmetrical hands.
That's why when you see the symmetry, you can see the regularities
and if you see a pattern - so you can see LAW.
- But how can I see the law?
Is not it clear? You have two opposite (left and right)
eyes, two opposite arms and so on. And you can see that
OPPOSITE THE SAME - that is (in the language of science)
Qualitative correspondence with each other. In other words,
when you see the symmetry, in fact you can see
The Law of Quality and Compliance for Contrarian
examples do not need to go far - an example in front of you in the mirror.
We (know the truth) call this the Principle of Law
You ask - This Act is the Truth?
The answer is - No, this law is not the truth, but it is its
ISTINOOBRAZUYUSCHEY - an integral part of it: because the law
obviously also implies another.
I promised you that you will see the truth ("better to see once
a thousand words "), and will keep my word.
This time, I propose to move away from the mirror and go
(Mentally, of course) ... to the circus!
Why the circus? Because only there you can find today
"Live" tightrope walker who, demonstrating the joy of the audience
their art, show us the truth. I could show you
Truth on anything but a tightrope walker - the most obvious and all
known example.
If you ask our imaginary tightrope walker who
teetering on the precipice, that it was a good it
will answer - BALANCE. Why? Because, having lost
balance, he will inevitably fall and ...
With that maintains the balance of a tightrope walker?
The answer is also obvious - with the help of a balancing pole,
he keeps strictly in the middle. Here she is "The Golden Mean"
Gautama Buddha, which divides the balancing pole in two equal
HALF - Qualitatively corresponding to each other (the same
weight) is the opposite.
In other words, the law of Quality Compliance
The law implies the opposite identities (BALANCE)
The opposite. If you saw the state of equilibrium in
which is a tightrope walker under the big top, then you
The law saw the identity of opposites, and even saw
this state can only be achieved through quality
Corresponds to the opposite.
This law we call the Principle of Existence: because
all existing identity and, on the contrary, all that stops
its existence is contradictory.
So as evidenced by the symmetry that you saw
in the mirror! She testified that you exist.
Doubt? If in doubt, imagine what will happen to you,
If you violate the biological balance in your body, or
Imagine what would happen to the solar system, if it
disturbed balance - identity (opposite) of the centrifugal
and centripetal forces. Still not convinced?
If you have submitted it, they saw the Law of Evolution
To deny its non contradicts (disequilibrium) and
Approved by the relevant ITS identities.
And you see the truth, which is the essence of all
existing one. This is why the truth permeates all things, and
it seems inconceivable to us: as "a form of richer essence"
but if not essentially - and will not form. Nothing will happen.
I kept my word, and "show" you the truth.
Of course, you do not know (or know?) How to use
this knowledge. Therefore the example of its use can be found on my
page (in profile) in an article about democracy.
Ah, yes. The Law (Law of Evolution) is called the Principle
Justice: Nature as it denies discrepancy
contradiction, and the criminal mind will judge him evil.
And, now you know what is good and what is evil.
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