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Originally Posted by Scotty The Rebel View Post
The Futurebirds having a Country Rock infused sound doesn't make them Country. They are an Indie Rock band. Now the Byrd's Sweetheart Of The Rodeo album was a failed attempt at Country. Just like Nashville didn't accept it as Country back then, I don't either.

OK, you're making 2 completely erroneous conclusions here

1. You come of as if you're speaking as an insider in the big corporate Nashville machine. OK not really, nevertheless I'd happily bet everything I own against a twinkie that that's not the case

2. You're speaking as though the big corporate Nashville cookie-cutter stamp-em-out machine is a good thing. If there's any element of the business side of music I just utterly loathe and despise it's the Nashville machine. Great music, deeply from the heart, honest sincere music can come from all around there, but not from that fecking gawdawful machine.

I only know you said this because Roxy quoted you. Back to my ignore list you go.
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