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Originally Posted by Necromancer View Post
I use GHS Boomers Electric Bass and Guitar Strings. Elixer Strings for the Acoustic.

I am sorta addicted to using finger grease on my strings and fretboard. It does seem to actually add life to the strings, but the extra finger action is what I'm after mainly.

There are other brands of finger grease to choose from that are not quite as messy as the spray is.

A stick roll on is available for example. I know... (sounds like a brand of antiperspirant).
I've used Finger Ease before. I didn't notice very much of a difference for me, aside from a slight reprieve from finger pain that was primarily caused by sliding up and down the lower strings. Then again, unlike most electric guitar players who typically, as far as I can tell, use 10-46's, I use 10-52 or 11-56.

Not sure if that makes much of a difference though.
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