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Originally Posted by anathematized_one View Post
I've used Finger Ease before. I didn't notice very much of a difference for me, aside from a slight reprieve from finger pain that was primarily caused by sliding up and down the lower strings. Then again, unlike most electric guitar players who typically, as far as I can tell, use 10-46's, I use 10-52 or 11-56.

Not sure if that makes much of a difference though.
Thats my fault, I forgot to mention I'm a bass player, if that makes any difference. But I do use Finger Ease on 6 and 12 string acoustics and electric guitars as well.
I guess what might work for one, doesn't always do the same for another.

Its like, I'm addicted to it in a small way or something. I just hate the extra drag I get from my (Bass) strings dry, without straying them down first (Let strings, fretboard dry a little) before playing. I sometimes spray the back of the neck also. I will admit, it takes a little more time and effort into the cleaning of the guitar itself using Finger Ease.

And for the same reason I use Elixirs on acoustics, they have a coating over the strings that supposedly, add life and better action to the strings, and I like the full and bright ring I get with Elixir strings on the acoustic too.
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