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Originally Posted by boo boo
You dont have to copyright a name to use it, Nirvana went on for quite a while before they even knew that there was a previous band called Nirvana, the original Nirvana attempted to sue Cobain and Co, and they reached a settlement. Basicly its not illegel to use another bands name unless that band decides to take legal action, an example of this would be that there were 2 bands named Styx in the 70s, legal action wasnt taken from either band, so it wasnt a issue.
You CAN'T copyright a bandname. To copyright something you just have to create it and then record it in some form - so that there is evidence that you created it first. Nirvana couldn't have COPYRIGHTED their name as the buddhists (or possibly somebody before them) had already created it and written it in various places.
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