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Originally Posted by Goofle11 View Post
And the only thing stopping me from giving it a 5* is some of his rapping.
His rapping is what keeps me from listening to more than 10 seconds of his stuff. I just cannot stand his delivery. His tone. To me he just sounds really awful. The cockiness doesn't help, but that's something I don't go for at all when it comes to rap, or most music really. I just shouldn't even be in this thread. I felt the need to investigate because I really don't understand what people see in this guy. Then again I could say that about a lot of music, as could everyone else.

Originally Posted by Fluffy Kittens View Post
There are loads of rappers who make Hip-Hop that isn't all about women, power and money though.
There's another thing, I'm really not into this kind of rap. I don't want to hear about pussy and guns and money. It's pathetic.

Again, I shouldn't be here. I'll let myself out.
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