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Is everyone actually listening to this? I just finished most of the album, I have one song left, and this music is deep, SO deep. Two of them mention slavery, at least one mentions pregnancy, alimony, etc, and a lot more. This music is about something more. If people follow this album to mold their style the way they did in the past couple of years with Rick Ross, it could really change the face of rap. Music will be about something more than bitches and money.

One thing I had a hard time with scattered throughout the album was how some of the songs would suddenly pause and some random chorus from a song would come in, it was kind of weird. I think as the album goes on, it gets more "listenable"

Like did anyone actually buy the album and see the cover? This **** is supposed to be raw. If you think it's poppin or dancey, you are not listening. At all.

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There's another thing, I'm really not into this kind of rap. I don't want to hear about pussy and guns and money. It's pathetic.

Again, I shouldn't be here. I'll let myself out.
Wait, you missed the point. He ISN'T singing all about money, guns, and women.
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I'm down with Jesus, in that case.

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