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Default Recent Supreme Court Rulings

There were three pretty big cases that were ruled on recently and I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on them.

One of them covered a case about a young white woman that was upset that she didn't get into UT in Austin. She didn't have the grad requirements to get in in the first place but she claims that affirmative action was used against her to hold her back from getting in.

Q&A: Supreme Court's affirmative action case | Politics | The Seattle Times

Tomorrow, they will decide on the gay marriage case.
They will ultimately decide the fate of California's Proposition 8 and a 1996 federal ban on benefits for same-sex couples.

U.S. Supreme Court to decide gay marriage cases Wednesday - San Jose Mercury News

This one confuses me a bit. They struck down a part of the voting rights act of 1965 in 9 southern states. I hear that if they start requiring tests for black people in the south to vote then they can still be sued and have a case brought up against them. I guess the point may be that black people can't afford to lawyer up and sue. I know most of those southern states will enact the Voter ID laws to further disenfranchise blacks in the south but those states are always won by republicans.

There was also a custody case over a little girl that was taken from her adoptive parents by her birth father and he was trying to use an old ruling on the book that says that Native Americans can't be separated from their children but the court struck that down in the best interests of the child. So the little girl will go back to the adoptive parents.
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