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Originally Posted by djchameleon View Post
One misuse of the policy and you want the whole thing to be done away with and don't see any importance in having it?

I'm not trying to spin anything. I was just curious why you felt she deserved it more than he did and you told me because he was an ******* in your eyes.
I mean that was the premise of my whole example -- the policy exists, and people who may not have otherwise gotten in to a school are preferred simply based on their backgrounds, which has nothing to do with their character. The plan assumes that certain people get extra points for something beyond their control. It's a different kind of discrimination that I don't think should exist in America. Everyone is fighting to get into schools, there are equally disadvantaged people from every background in the country, and they all deserve a fair shot at going to the college of their choice.

And everyone, and I mean everyone who knew that guy blamed affirmative action for his acceptance. It was obvious, and even one of the teachers brought up affirmative action in class after. The guy proceeded to be a dick by bragging about how all he needed to do was "be a foreigner" and the schools were begging him to come there on full scholarships. Complete jerk.

But hey, even I got in to my college on a sort of affirmative-action policy for being from an "underrepresented state." I think those kinds of rules are just not fair.
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