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Music Taste? Da fuck you keep bringing that up for?

Around Musicbanter I'm constantly told that I have shit taste in music and my taste in music doesn't meet up to MB standards. I'll never forget that pretentious ass statement. I'm really open to giving anything a chance and taking it all in. Listening to music that I've never heard before and forming an opinion on it based off of how it sounds to me is what I've been doing for so long. The laziness bug bites me quite often and the way that I tend to find new music outside of MB is by pulling up the Zune Marketplace(Yes, shut up I bought a Zune because I'm anti-apple) and looking through the new releases. I will snatch up albums from artists that either I vaguely know or taking the shallow route and judging an album by its cover as a potential to listen to. Before coming to Musicbanter, I used to pride myself on the ability to figure out which tracks would be hits on the radio and telling my friends that they should listen to certain songs. What happens next is that I turn them onto the catchy tracks and it ends up being selected as a single for the masses. The thing that would infuriate me is when certain gems off of an album wouldn't be selected as a single when it has such great potential to be a hit. Every now and then I will turn on MTV and the same Alt Rock station from my youth along with a top 40 station to see what the masses are listening to since I'm not a regular radio listener anymore. The two genres that I listen to most of the time as you may know is Hip Hop and I'm really stuck on 90s Alt Rock so I will listen to some singles from bands that I used to like during that time. I will take more time to discuss the different genre phases that I went through but that's a whole other entry.

Album listeners vs. Single listeners

I admit that in my youth I was a heavy singles listener. I didn't fully transition to an album listener until a few years before joining Musicbanter. Skimming through albums and taking only the singles that I wanted out of it and adding them to a whole playlist was my life back then. Most of them would be hits but a few would be tracks that appealed to me. Even after becoming an album listener I still tend to pick and choose which songs that I end up liking which will be repeated ad naseum. I have no real issues with single listeners since I used to be one. I feel like they tend to get a lot of hate though mostly because they get associated with the mainstream and listen to radio stations. Oh no the horror, people actually listen to the radio and enjoy what they are hearing, off with their fucking heads. I noticed that I was around MB too long when I would utter such pretentious statements out loud around friends irl like "Oh, I don't listen to the radio.", "Oh, you've never heard about (insert band/artist) it must be because they are struggling to make it and want to stay true to their roots. They haven't sold out to get radioplay." "You don't like Radiohead, I don't think I can be friends with you anymore." Joking about the last one but yeah I really had to reign in my pretentious ways that rubbed off on me from being around this place too much.

Yes yes, I will eventually get to talking about specific artists but these intro type posts I feel are important things that I have on my mind and need to be said.
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