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Look, for contrast here's a pair a lips,
Swallowing sarapin, setting fire to sheriff whips,
(Whoops whoops) ****ing all American terrorist,
Crushing rapper larynx to feed em a ****ing carrot stick,
And me? I just spent a year ferrisin,
And lost a little sanity to show you what hysterics is
Spit till the lips meet the bottom of the barrel,
So that sterile piss flow remind these niggas where embarrassed is,
Narrow tight line might impair him since,
I made it back to Fahrenheit,
Grimey get De Niro type,
Feral ****ing ill apparel wearing pack a parasites,
Threw his own youth off the roof after paradise,
Ladidadi back in here to **** the party up, R
aiding fridges, tipping over vases with a tommy gun
Never dollars, poppa
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