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Originally Posted by Hermione View Post
That doesn't mean you know what it's like to be raped, is the thing, just like I have no idea what it's like to not be white. Rape, racism, sexism, transphobia all problems that affect every social class, every race, every gender, and every sexual orientation (etc). So why is it funny? Truly baffles me. I don't think it's funny, and personally I think people should realise that they're joke is problematic and not act like I committed a horrible crime by not laughing at their joke or acting like I'm an ******* for calling them out on their bull****.
You don't have to laugh at the joke, if you don't think it's funny it's fine, if you think I'm a cunt that's fine too. My dad has schizophrenia and I've seen him do some pretty messed up things, now obviously I love my dad to bits and I empathise with him. Still joke about schizophrenia though, but my sense of humour is admittedly pretty dark.

I agree you have the right to pull people up on it, just like they have the right to tell the joke.

Personally I wouldn't tell a rape joke around someone I know who's been raped, because I don't want to upset them. I have the right to, but I wouldn't do it.

Mind you, I'm not trying to force my morality on other people, but I'm still going to call you a plebe if I see fit. I don't approve of taking away other people's rights to free speech however most people seem to not realise that I also have the right to judge the fuck out of them and not want anything to do with people who make such jokes.

Originally Posted by AwwSugar View Post
There are jokes that can go too far, I think.
As long as it's funny, nothing should be out of bounds in comedy.

If you make a rape joke around someone who has been raped, they may not be able to help being triggered negatively by that joke.
I agree, which is why I mentioned choosing your audience accordingly. You have the right the make the joke wherever but let's say on public transport for example, the chances are someone on there will take offense, so it'd be pretty stupid to tell a rape joke there. I'd still support the joke teller's right to tell the joke, but I'd also call them a stupid twat for picking that situation to tell it in.

Likewise it'd be crass to go up to a couple who've just lost their child to cancer and tell them a cancer or dead kid joke.

There's a time and place, and if people use common sense about when, where and who the audience for the joke is, then nothing should be out of bounds.

You don't know if someone has been raped or affected by rape, so why would you make the joke?
Because I've got the right to. I wouldn't purposely do it to offend, though.
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