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Originally Posted by hip hop bunny hop View Post
Tore, please. I understand you're upset because I pointed out that your views, as stated in this thread, are racist. But, please, take a few moments and ask whose fault it is.

Anyways, in regards to Crash's post: in America we inundated with discussions on privilege, which is to say victim worship. Privilege is a pseudo-scientific concept, which is defined by this feminist as:

We see this is not scientific because it can not be tested nor disproven. It's an amorphous ideological blob which has infected popular culture and discourse in weird ways. A good example would be when a Mestizo named George Zimmerman shot a black kid named Trayvon, and that event transmogrified into a discussion on White Racism - because the Left is obsessed with victim worship.

On the Right, victim worship takes place in Church. Christianity is, especially the Protestant forms of it, victim worship it. Hence why a film about a guy getting crucified in gnarly fashion can become a box office hit.

We've seen this on the forum, too, as seen in Above's rather "unique" journal.
The fact that you're simultaneously criticizing liberal victim worship while falling back on the 'that's racist' defense when people criticize what they see as an unjust law is delightfully ironic.
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