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Interesting topic, Trollheart! From Pink Floyd, stuck in my head because I like them so much are "Look, Mummy! There´s an airplane up in the sky!" and all the "Scrambled-egg and bacon" bits on Alan´s Psychedelic Breakfast.

Originally Posted by misspoptart View Post

Love the random counting. Love it. And... "ORANGE."
^ Hey, that´s really nice, Miss P! When it comes to bits of counting in songs my favourites are probably Roxy Music´s lead-in to "In The Midnight Hour" and Manfred Mann´s, "Angels At My Gate",( although that´s sung and probably doesn´t count, haha.) But what your clip immeiately reminded me of was this, which I can´t quote without thanking Freebase Dali, who introduced it to me via one of his monthly compilations:-

But when it comes to spoken word, it was of course Beefheart who turned it into an art form -oh, wait a minute, it was already. Anyway, Golden Birdies and the four spoken-word tracks on Trout Mask are among my all-time favs.
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