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Bebo Best:-
At first run-through, I really liked the songs that you posted, though I´m not quite as enthusiastic as Miss P - I feel like they are missing a bit of exploratory jazz workout in the middle of them, as if Bebo or someone kept too tight a reign on the song structure. Still that´s just a first impression, so I still have some listening to do.

What I really enjoyed was reading about this obscure material that I´ve never heard of, and I was particularly impressed when you placed Bebo in the context of Italian culture since the Romans. That was very neatly done!

Originally Posted by Gavin B. View Post
One word of advice to Mr. Best: hire a publicist in the United States... Nobody has heard of you in America... which is a lowdown shame.
^ I also suspect that it wouldn´t hurt to lose album covers like these if he wants to be taken seriously as a composer - or is that part of the obscurist charm, I wonder ?

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