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Default Bec's Poetry Corner

I've wanted to start a poetry journal for sometime now. I don't write that much or that often, but the pieces I've done are all very personal and I'm pretty attached to some of them. At least maybe some of my writing will help people get to know me a little better.

I also plan to post some of my favorites by other people, and I hope everyone will feel free to add their own stuff. I'm very fond of love sonnets, especially the sapphic and erotic variety.

If you repost anything you see here, always give appropriate credit out of respect other people's intellectual property!

To get things started, here's a little something I wrote to the love of my life.

You should feel jealous, but you don't
Because you know I'd never hurt you
You should feel mad, but you don't
Because you know I didn't mean to
You should feel smothered, but you don't
Because you know how I crave your touch
You should feel slighted, but you don't
Because you know I love you so much
You know me too well

You shouldn't do all those little things, but you do
Because you know they melt my heart
You shouldn't accomodate me so, but you do
Because you know I hate being apart
You shouldn't even have given me a chance, but you did
Because you'd been hurt so bad before
You shouldn't have loved me back, but you did
Because you knew my soul was yours
You know me too well

by Becky P.

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