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Originally Posted by djchameleon View Post
She knew you too well when she met you.
No..she didn't know me at all when she met me, and because of some issues she'd experienced at that time she was very reluctant to let me in. It wasn't until I, through much perseverance, proved that "my soul" was totally her's and no one else's that she finally let me in and "loved me back".

The catch phrase (or hook I guess you could call it) of the poem which is used at the end of both stanzas, represents how I've shown her more of myself than I've ever shown anyone else.

Anyway, guess from my point of view maybe I never realized how obfuscated my intent was, but the change of tense you see was done consciously and on purpose.

I used to have issues with switching tenses often throughout my work.
Being as I'm a language arts major and a high school English teacher, I've got a fair grasp of the whole tense thing.

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