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I've been asked by another MB member to keep posting gum songs as he does not want the thread to die. He sent me a list of stuff. Unfortunately, much of it I do not consider to be gum. But some is. Now, I have no wish to be THE authority of what constitutes gum but I also have to stick to my guns. If he wants to come here post that other stuff himself, fine with me. Perhaps he can argue why he believes these songs should be considered gum. But he did mention some good ones as well. So here's another batch. You folks will be diabetic by the time this is done:

Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop (1964) HQ - YouTube
(Lollipops in the gum genre are the opposite of bubblegum. The latter represents the female genitalia, the yoni. Lollipops are phallic, the lingam. You don't hear the female gum singers sing much about bubblegum but they sing about lollipops quite a bit. If we look at a photo as this:

Moderator cut: image removed

We know what she's really doing. In fact, do a google image search with "Hot babe sucking on a lollipop" in your browser window with your filters turned off and notice that for every photo of a girl sucking a real lollipop, there are about 2 dozen or more depicting fellatio. The association is just that ingrained in our thinking. So we don't have to wonder what Millie Small or the Chordettes were talking about. Only an idiot doesn't realize a code phrase like "candy on a stick." I mean, Jesus, just hit me over the head, whydontcha? You go girl!!!)

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints - YouTube
(Man, real hippy s-hit! The song title and band name just drips gum all over the listener. Kinda sticky but I like it. By the way, the leader of this band was Ed King who later went onto found--believe it or not--Lynyrd Skynyrd.)

(I was asked to post this song but he wanted the Stonewall Jackson version. Sorry, I prefer Lobo's. This is borderline gum but I'll cave on this one. I remember back in the early 90s sitting with a buddy on New Year's Eve in a rundown strip bar in a horrible part of Detroit (possibly a redundant turn of phrase there) watching an ugly stripper dancing to this. I've only now summoned the courage to finally listen to it again and I still had to switch it off after a couple of bars. PTSD rears its ugly head but it's still better than looking at hers.)

Brand New Key, pair of roller skates - YouTube
(Melanie was a spiritual folksinger signed to Buddah. She frequently performed with the Edwin Hawkins Singers ("Oh, Happy Day"). Oddly, she did no gum songs until AFTER she left that label. I think her decision to do this song was a mistake. She needed to establish herself a little more before pulling something like this. It was her first foray into the mainstream market and she cracked it but she had no way to follow it up. I mean, what can you possibly do to follow this up with a public who otherwise has no idea who you are and so don't know what to expect from you? And that was the end of Melanie Safka. A shame because she was a great songwriter and singer. She does a superb job singing this one but in the end it was her undoing. By the way, GREAT f-ucking video clip thought up in the 70s by the girl who appears in it all on her own. You'd have thought this was the official video for the song. Boy, she nailed it!)

(Classic gum. Nuff sed.)

Tee Set - Ma Belle Amie (1969) - YouTube
(Tee Set was a Dutch band and part of the so-called Dutch Invasion that also featured featured Shocking Blue ("I'm Your Venus") and George Baker Selection ("Little Green Bag"--gee, I wonder what that song is about). Excellent vocal performance here by the late Hans-Peter Teteroo. At certain times in the song, he sounds just like the Beatles. I remember me and my friends back when this song was current wondering if McCartney stopped into the studio and helped out. But, no, it's all Hans-Peter doing it. The guitarist, Dihl Bennink, now a blues performer. Great bass work by Franklin Madjid who is half-Dutch and half-Indonesian just like the Van Halen Bros. In fact, he looks like he should be a Van Halen brother--without the meth, of course.)

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs -Little Red Riding Hood - YouTube
(I was asked to post this one. Not a gum in my opinion. BUT it does reference a fairy tale and would therefore be familiar to children but a gum? No. It would have scared the hell out of a 10 yo girl. It would no doubt remind her of the creep who drove by the bus stop the week before grinning evilly and blowing greasy kisses in her direction and then flicked his cigarette butt at her laughing with his tongue hanging out before flooring it. Nightmare fuel.)

Gary Lewis & the Playboys - She's Just My Style - YouTube
(One of those songs that demonstrates how surf and bubblegum were just two facets of the same genre. This one blurs the distinction considerably. Co-written, believe it or not, by Leon Russell. He's also on the piano.)

Paul Revere and The Raiders - Kicks - YouTube
(The first concert I ever saw was at the Michigan State Fair when I was around 10. Country star Charlie Pride came out and did a terrific set. I've been a Pride fan ever since. Then out came Paul Revere & the Raiders. Man, I have to tell you--they attacked that stage! I mean, they rocked! The problem with the band was that their label dressed them in those moronic minutemen costumes and made them do some hokey s-hit. But beneath it all was a real rock band dying to be set loose, which only happened occasionally. Such as with this song. You had to hear them at 120 dB. Deserved more from posterity than they have gotten.)

The Grass Roots - Sooner or Later - YouTube
(Somebody told me that one of the guys in this band was a regular on that sitcom "The Office". Creed Bratton, I think he said? I didn't watch "The Office" so I wouldn't know. I think this was the gummiest of the Grassroots' songs. Good one, too. Don't know who the woman is but I can dig it. She can bang my tambourine anytime she wants.)

Raspberries Go All The Way Mike Douglas Show 1974 - YouTube
(Eric Carmen should have stayed in this band. His solo stuff blew serious chunks. And just look at him--why, he's prettier than Valerie Harper.)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (original version) - YouTube
(I think ol' Gil-baby might have thinking if he could dress these lyrics up in the gummiest melody ever conceived in the mind of man that no one would notice they're about f-ucking suicide. Stop groveling in misery, Gilbert! A real Irishman would get drunk and beat the f-uck out of his wife and dog. Hell, you ain't so tough, son, my hair challenges your hair to a pay-per-view death match. Okay, never mind, I'd get my ass kicked. I should have realized I was overreaching again--naturally.)

1910 Fruitgum Co 1- 2- 3 Red Light (1968) - YouTube
(Someone should have told the guy with the tambourines that even in the bubblegum universe there's such a thing as "too gay for words.")
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