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I found this one on the web and really loved it. There was no author listed.

Morning sunlight cascaded onto golden tresses

I watched the sway of her hips
as she sauntered past old woodland trees
beneath now leafy canopies.
They swung… they swayed….
calling me;
calling to my senses,
…..come this way.

Eyes darkly dilated with lustful dreams and fantasies
I captured her
and sought sweet lips beneath my own,
Our tongues entwine
dancing to loves melody….
beneath old leaves and vine.

One finger trailed deftly between her breasts
and I felt her heart ...
…it quivered fluttered
and beckoned me,
so I pushed her back gently
palms pressed flat between her knees.
and forced her wide….

The flower of my dreams opened
and my gaze now settles
on her bud of fragrant petals
and her moist nectar gleamed
like a rainbow
beneath a stray

I teased her ,
then firm and fast
(she would not last)
and eased my fingers
deep inside her velvet heat....
… graced…
I relished her honeyed taste…
….so sweet.

Her legs weighed heavy on my shoulders
as I rose and held her pinned,
my amour
and gently took her on my fist.
Sweet torture…
she rode me harder
(with ardour)
Our bodies now

my concerto was composed
when I played a song of love
beneath natures veils
(my adoration prevails)
and as my lady sang
old woodland trees rang
with her cries
of wanton pleasure
(my treasure... my treasure).

~Author unknown

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