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Unhappy Music Video: three hot chicks w dance music

Hi there, please help finding the artist and track:

a couple of weeks ago I really enjoyed watching a music video ...

- the three screen was divided into three (3) colums
- each column featured a hot chick / beautiful woman / nice girl / (pardon me) slut / (pardon again) bitch
- from left to right, each of them would dance for a moment, then the next to the right would dance
- I remember there were more than only three, so after the first three, another three dance
- the background was white, like for a photo shooting / staged setup
- they are dressed like hot pants and high heels (hot hot hot!)
- seen on german channel VIVA TV, "night sounds" program
- genre is like dance or techno or electronic, IIRC with vocals

Can't find the name, and its not Thicke Blurred Lines. Any hint much appreciated.

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