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Default Band members to my progressive rock/metal band with world music influence

The only members I have are a hangplayer and a male singer. I also need a female singer, a cellist (electric), two violinists (also electric), a pan fluetist like this , a synth fluetist and laser harpist ,a keyboardist (it would be nice if she could play the arabic santur for at least one song Ive wrote, wich is about the terror situation and the oppression of women in the middle east. That or if we could hire someone for that. But if there is someone out there who is that profesional as the guy in this link; please contact me directly!!), a profesional drummer/percussionist, two guitarists (one acoustic; most likely a 20 stringed harp guitar; John Doan edition and a electric; most likely a Terry Jones and basist (ofcourse an electric; what else?)And if someone out there plays the Glass Harmonica, that would be nice! A thereminist would be nice as well!

For more information, please search for Astral Amnesia on facebook!
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