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Thanks for explaining that the term "Nu-Jazz" refers to more than just the date of manufacture - I didn´t realise that.

I´m still working my way though some of your selections, Gavin, and listened to Elizabeth Butterfly yesterday. They seemed nice, rather light to me, but I´m going to play them again as you recommend them so highly:-
Originally Posted by Gavin B. View Post
Easy Paris is far and away my favorite outernational album. The sad thing is I've never seen Easy Paris for sale anywhere in the United States and I have no idea of what happened to Elizabeth Butterfly following my 2002 trip to Paris. She obviously did not go onto international fame as a deejay or producer, and I know of no other albums by her...But we still have Paris in the summer of 2002.

BTW, watch out for a thread on BaBa ZuLa opening tomorrow, if you like African Head Charge, you may like them too.
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