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Originally Posted by Arya Stark View Post
There were a LOT of different reactions to it. A lot of them were because his song was 'Black Skinheads" and they didn't think it was supposed to be about being black. And a lot were that he was in rap (which is dominated by black people) and that it was not punk enough etcetc. i didn't see many reactions about it not being mainstream, especially since studs are pretty much everywhere right now. Claire's, American Eagle, Payless, you name it, you can find studs there. So why attack kanye specifically? you know?
are u sayin that because fashion ppl were critiquing a rappers fashion thats racist?? because rappers are predominantly black?? lol or what exactly are u sayin?

its not racist to criticize a rapper, or rap in general, or urban culture, etc
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