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Originally Posted by butthead aka 216 View Post
are u sayin that because fashion ppl were critiquing a rappers fashion thats racist?? because rappers are predominantly black?? lol or what exactly are u sayin?

its not racist to criticize a rapper, or rap in general, or urban culture, etc
I think she is saying that they went nuts at him because he's black and pinching 'their' fashion. It can't be because he's mainstream as you can find studs in well known shops and everyone is wearing them, so why attack Kanye for it. It must be because he is black.

You could argue that it's cuntish to do that but I can't see any evidence of racism based off this, could just be that they think he's a cunt? Kanye can't play the victim card over it though, let's not forget some of the rubbish he has came out with like white people shouldn't use slang until it's a year old or whatever it was, and that white people should make 'white' music.

I thought Drake was a twat for wearing Stone Island tbh.
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