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Originally Posted by Surell View Post
Ohhh I gotcha, yeah that sounds pretty shifty, maybe because they want to take back the word skinhead from how it sounds, which is whack. And studs are definitely wayyy in fashion, really a lot of punk designs are, so it is pretty weird for them to get pissed about Kanye in that sense, though i do imagine that if the face of AE or Claire's came on the TV adorned with studs and homemade piercings (Claire's could defintely go this route) they'd probably be pretty pissed too. Kanye's an easy target because he's ridiculously popular, i could see this same thing happening to Lil Wayne for skateboarding or even, to take race out of it, Eminem or Nickelback or 1D if they assumed Punkwear.

I don't see the problem with rappers trying a punk look though, their very beginnings are extremely similar so why the h8. I want to say it's just how materialistic mainstream Hip Hop (Kanye included) can be, but Punk is involved with certain high fashions (if i'm not mistaken which i could be) and Kanye is very into that, so there lies a problem innate in the system.

Also listened to this again, liked the beats even more, still thought Kanye sounded terrible, although "New Slaves" still has some great verses and insight (involving fashion no less).
Skinhead culture was actually appropriated from black people, as trad skins listened to reggae/ska

just sayin'
so its ridiculous especially since it's very unpunk to alienate someone who is obviously a marginalised person.

I grew up on punk & post punk and I think his use of "skinhead" and his studded jackets whatever are totally awesome. I've always thought of punk and rap being one in ethos. I think not realising this makes one ignorant and more than likely racist to assume otherwise.

but yeah I'm so ****ing obsessed with Yeezus it's actually not even funny. It's honestly one of my top ten. I just think it's nearly perfect and it's been my go to album all summer. I honestly haven't felt like listening to much else.
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