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Originally Posted by Surell View Post
That is a good point about Skinheads, i know Ska is a kind of cousin to Punk, i guess skinheads to me are just American History X typa cats. And yes, it is whack to alienate and be "punk" since being alienated is the reason for being punk in the traditional sense anyway (sum 41 blew though and i can't see them being alienated for anything beyond that fact). I also agree with the Rap/Punk ethos as stated earlier, and Yeezus is pretty straight minus Kanye West personally, but I've mentioned that.
NAH let me lay it down for you (I dated a skinhead lmao) there are four types of skinheads: Nazi skins, trad skins, SHARP's (skinheads against racial prejudice), and I think gay skins?? (that was probably a myth)

American History X isn't a good indicator of skinheads. Idk if you've ever seen it, but the movie This is England is closer to it, although Combo goes radical.
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