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Shadow Gallery are great but not that symphonic. Stratovarius are power metal but have symphonic elements, as do a lot of power metal bands and then there's Diablo Swing Orchestra, though they're kind of a category onto themselves! Adagio are pretty damn fine, as are Iced Earth, Narnia, Fairyland, Lacuna Coil, Redemption, later Savatage, TSO of course, Silent Edge, Theocracy, Tyr, Rhapsody, most of Erik Norlander's stuff, Star One, Sonata Artica, some Devin Townsend, Eden's Curse, Freedom Call, Stormbringer, Validor, Visions of Atlantis, loads more...

Good female fronted bands include Nemesea, Edenbridge, Dark Moor, and so on.
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