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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
and by all means feel free to send me albums you think I might have a go at giving the Psychic Review

So in answer to your question, yes I certainly will, though do be advised this will not be anything like a high priority journal. If I do one or two albums a month that will be a lot. It's as I say just for fun, so doesn't in my mind have to be updated as often as my other journals do.

That said, yes, send away. Though I do of course reserve the right to turn down a request I don't feel is within my preferred genres, I don't like the look of or for any other reason. Terms and conditions apply. Copy on request.

And sorry to hear about your computer man: hope you get it sorted and are back soon... This place needs you!
xD Thanks. I can't send it, but Radiohead's "The King Of Limbs" should be on Spotify. Not at all metal, BTW. Seeing you tackle that would be fun.

(Stupid TH, taking all the good journal ideas before I get to them...)
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