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Originally Posted by Mr. Charlie View Post
I don't believe in reincarnation or karma. I think that doing good, doing the right thing, is it's own reward, and that if you do good based solely on the belief that it's positive karma in the bank or guarantees a place in heaven, then that's selfishness. Similarly, if you go around being an arsehole, I think it's your own consciousness that makes you suffer, not some all-seeing force in the universe judging our every action and handing out rewards and punishments. Every man is his own hangman.
It doesn't matter whether you do good or not. You still live a succession of lives as well as living your current one over and over without the slightest bit of change. The other lives you have and will live, you are also living over and over again without change or variation. Doing good is an evolutionary advantage that makes your life better but it will have no bearing on any other life you live.
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