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Originally Posted by djchameleon View Post
The album was purposely made that way. It wasn't supposed to have one unified sound the whole way through. That's why some fans prefer the first half of the album while other fans prefer the last half of the album or they end up enjoying both halves except for that one stupid track in the middle.
It's not a cohesion problem, Wolf had a pretty noticeable aversion to good track flow. It's just that the tracks don't feel urgent enough to warrant such a short album. Some of them sound almost identical, some sound like filler or are just kind of uninteresting. But this is all totally opinion. Personally, I thought the last album even had filler tracks, but here I shouldn't mind them as much because they're only, like, three minutes as opposed to seven.

I love that it was only 10 tracks instead of having an album full of fillers like Wolf.
>:( that album had a full on story, man. Kanye wants to talk about concept albums, sheeeit.

I actually enjoyed 8 out of 10 tracks. Just like two in the middle that I didn't really care for.
I skip all through the album myself.
Originally Posted by WhateverDude View Post
Laser beams, psychedelic hats, and for some reason kittens. Surrel reminds me of kittens.
^if you wanna know perfection that's it, you dumb shits
Spoiler for guess what:
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