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Originally Posted by Lord Larehip View Post
Saw him at Blondie's in Detroit back in the early 90s. After covering himself with his diarrhea and spitting it at people (I was standing behind some skinheads who were hocking loogies on him while he was shoving his s-hit in his mouth and he sprayed it at them and they ducked and I ducked and a girl behind me caught some right on her cheek while I crawled away towards the bar), he picked up metal barstools and would spin around several times and wing them directly at the audience members as hard as he could who were only standing maybe 5 feet away--really trying to hurt somebody. He also pissed or tried to piss on people and tried to French girls with his mouth full of ****. Then he'd laugh when they ran off screaming and then he'd spit it at some unsuspecting person.

He came running at people in front of me like he was going to hurl himself on them and people cleared out so fast that I was thrown backwards so fast that I'd would have been crushed against the bar. Luckily, someone left the gate up that you have to lift to get behind the bar. I flew right through it backwards and smashed to a pile of bottles and somehow didn't get hurt too badly. If that gate had been down, I'd have been f-ucking killed.

Finally, someone grabbed a folding chair and whacked him so hard with it that Allin was knocked out. The show lasted a whopping 20 minutes or so. I recently spoke with the guy who knocked him out on FB. There was a discussion of Allin and this guy mentioned being at Blondies and knocking Allin out cold. I told him I was at that show and saw him do it. He said that Allin then got involved with this girl he knew--I think he said her name was Leslie--and Allin ended up beating her up badly and then deliberately burned her. I don't know how badly and I didn't ask. He went to jail over it for a while and did some time in a psycho ward--in Ann Arbor, I think--and when he got out, he started stalking this Leslie who was now terrified of him. This guy and some of his buddies then caught up with Allin and persuaded him in no uncertain terms to accept that it would be in his best interest to leave the state immediately, which he did.

This guy HATES G.G. Allin. "Everytime I hear these younger kids talking about how cool he was, I think of what he did to Leslie." I never knew Allin and didn't want to because everybody I knew that actually did know him, hated him and told me to have nothing to do with him because he was just bad news and mentally ill to boot. Only one guy I knew in California knew and liked him but I think it was only because he probably never got to know him that well.

For a while, Allin was soliciting suggestions about how to off himself. I sent him a note saying he should do it at the Palladium in New York while they were filing Club MTV (then was when MTV had something to do with musc--you young 'uns wouldn't understand). I don't know of he ever got my note or not but he did off himself in New York from what I hear so maybe he was going to take me up on it.
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