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I voted for Neil - more interesting and someone who released a lot of seriously WTF moments that have a serious history that fans still talk about today. Plus, he knows how to create intensity with economy - one note of Young's says more than many guitarists who fiddle around going nowhere (sorry, Eddie Van Halen, love the technique, but...). The singing may not be to everyone's taste, but he uses it well. Plus, along with the great classics with Crazy Horse, a fine debut album, the "Ditch Trilogy", and what he's inspired through the years, there's also his songs for Buffalo Springfield ("Expecting to Fly", "Mr. Soul" my favorites), working with Devo, the infamous Human Highway film (yes, I actually like it!), the great comeback that was Freedom, "This Note's for You", "Wonderin" (and it's video!), Journey Through the Past (The film, not the soundtrack, though...), Deja Vu (I like C,S,N with Y except for a 1988 album I try to forget about), and so on.

I actually like a number of Springsteen's songs, especially those from the first up to and including Nebraska. Still, in my view, the 80's overproduction of Born in the USA seriously was the point where I lost interest for a long time - where the epic turned into stereotype.

One went down many roads, the other stayed in his know why I chose.
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